Sparkle Queen Survival Kit #3-Dangle

  • Sparkle Queen Survival Kit #3-Dangle
  • Sparkle Queen Survival Kit #3-Dangle
  • Sparkle Queen Survival Kit #3-Dangle

Sparkle Queen Survival Kit #3-Dangle


Sparkle Queen Survival Kit #3

We have created this fabulous pack to help you get thru your crazy days!

There is something in here for EVERYONE!!!!

These packs are EXCLUSIVE to DD and contain the below items:

REMEMBER: These pieces are a double layered acrylic piece and may feel heavier than our normal pieces- but still small and amazing enough to pack a punch!

Please keep in mind all these beautiful pieces are intricately glued by hand :)

Pack Content:

1 x Statement dangles - 65 mm x 50 mm

1 x statement studs - 25 mm x 35 mm

1 x small studs- 15 mm x 15 mm

1 x brooch- 55 mm x 55mm

1 x ring- 30 mm x 30 mm

General Info:

Our earring posts are made from surgical steel which are perfect for sensitive ears

Please make sure you read our care instructions on our site to ensure you get maximum wear out of your new DD bling- always store them in a safe place and take special care with specialty acrylic like mirror and printed designs. I always put my earrings on last and take them off first to ensure they remain PERFECT! :)

We try our best to take fabulous pics of our stunning bling, however, sometimes due to different technology, images and colours may appear different

Keep in mind all your Dented Diva bling is hand made in Pottsville (if you don't know where we are grab a map and check it out- you'll be jealous) NSW by and Army Veteran #girlpower

If you have any issues at all relating to your beautiful new Dented Diva earrings, please don't hesitate to contact us as our CEO always loves a chat! (I love how I am writing this so I can give myself an official title) LOL

Please keep in mind this acrylic pattern is not even and does change from piece to piece- but OMG still amazing as EVER! No two pieces are the same- but who wants to be BORING!?