Dented Diva


Christie, the maker and owner behind Dented Diva, has always been known for her individual flare and unique style. Christie started experimenting with polymer clay in early 2018 when her full-time profession in the corporate world all became a little too stressful!

Needing to find a creative outlet and always being an earring lover and fashionista at heart, she found extreme joy in creating her unique pieces, for the individual earring lover instantly!

Soon enough, her pieces became loved by many and Christie realised her full potential and discovered so much joy in making her earrings out of anything, everything and for anyone! Wallah! Dented Diva was born!

Christie is a proud Army Veteran and each and every year a special collection is made surrounding the significance of the poppy on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. From these collections Dented Diva donates to a particular military charity and so far have kindly donated to, Redsix, Wounded Heroes, Mates 4 Mates, RSL Australia and Aussie Hero Quilts.

Customer Love

Dented Diva addict :)

Not only does Christie ooze creative talent, she goes out of her way to make anyones day!

Christie provides geunine customer service, an honest and real insight into her business in her daily Instagram videos and the love for what she does shines right thru into her unique products.

It is an absolute delight to be a Dented Diva regular and if you have never shopped before, do it NOW! Dented Diva will make your day each and every day :)"

Kristee Winters


"I love the HUGE variety of styles and designs at very affordable prices at Dented Diva.

Plus, I must say that Christie is an awesome female boss lady who is constantly giving GIRLPOWER a boost!"

Daisy Silcock
Wales UK

Life Changing!

Dented Diva is not "just another acrylic earring company." The impact Dented Diva has had on my life has been LIFE CHANGING. From my very first set of earrings to my most recent purchase- these earrings and their packaging are in a league of their own! Unique, lightweight and full of sparkle- everyone needs some Dented Diva in their life right now :)

Katie Nicklin