CEO and Chief Sparkle Queen
Christie Bavage

Having grown up on my families sweet potato farm in Northern NSW and the eldest of 3 children, I was such a tomboy and never would I have imagined that I would be here , especially having also served in the Army for 8 years, creating amazing sparkling and empowering earrings for women all over the world!

Dented Diva began as a hobby for me and now it is something that I live and breathe every single day and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way! I am addicted to my own small business!

I am a perfectionist at heart and never do anything by half measures and place a large focus on always placing myself in my customers shoes and keeping a level head. I truly feel that is why in the current market place our business is the only business where you would want to buy your acrylic earrings.

I still design every set of earrings myself and now have a beautiful team (Sister DD and Mr DD) who help make and assemble each set and then print, pick and pack each and every order- along with hand writing personalized notes for each parcel. We wiill do this for as long as we can as it is these things I believe that make our brand unique.

Today my Husband Hendrik (Bav) and I or, Mr Dented Diva as he is now known, reside in Pottsville NSW, only 10 minutes from Cudgen and the family farm where I grew up and have the chance to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle again in this fabulous area, along with seeing my family whenever I want to.

I am a lover of the sunshine and spending time with family and friends is a huge part of my life.

Also- I am a sucker for great fashion, bright colours, hazelnut praline chocolate and good old Lipton Black Tea! (must have the teabag in)

It is my dream to make everyone feel empowered when they place a set of Dented Diva earrings on their earlobes and I hope to reinforce the ultimate “Can Do" attitude with some DD bling on every ear lobe!