How do pre-orders work?

Here at Dented Diva we don't want anyone missing out on our fabulous bling. So- this is why you will find us doing a "Pre-order Release" for some of our more popular collections.

Pre-orders will open for a designated period of time and this will be noted in the earring description brief (usually 24-72hrs) PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY!

If you place a pre-order these items will take approximately 3-4 weeks to receive from time of ordering.

If you place an item on pre-order with other products that are not on pre- order, your order will be held here at DD HQ until the pre-order earring arrives. NON PRE-ORDER ITEMS WILL NOT BE POSTED SEPARATELY!

If you choose to combine postage , again, as per above all items will be held here until the pre-order item arrives