Care Instructions

Dented Diva Earring Care

If you are anything like me, you want your earrings to last a lifetime!

Please treat your Dented Diva earrings with extreme care and remember that your acrylic earrings are breakable! If they are dropped or stored incorrectly, your earrings may break or become damaged in some way. Unfortunately, we cannot refund your earrings in this case.

To keep your bling in its pristine Dented Diva condition please follow these simple helpful tips:

  • Please store your Dented Diva in a clean, dry environment, preferably in separate boxes. (Bunnings have great fishing tackle boxes that work wonders!)
  • Standard nato from any jewellery company- limit any contact with your cosmetics, perfumes, hairspray and moisturizers as this may cause damage to your Dented Diva earrings. HANDY HINT- I always place my earrings on last and take them off first!
  • Remove all accessories before contacting water. Your Dented Diva earrings do not like to get wet! Trust me- I have tried this! Especially in salt water or chlorine
  • Please treat your Dented Diva earrings with kindness and clean them with a jewellery polishing cloth or simply wipe them over with a baby wipe to remove any make-up!
  •  Keep your DD bling away from abrasive surfaces

Wallah! Happy Dented Diva earrings for decades!

Please also note we use surgical steel hoops and ear posts only! As a result our customers seldom experience a reaction.

I think that answers everything- but if not, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help.

And just remember- life's way too short for boring earrings!